Le jury du concours Un Voiler pour Champagne a rendu son verdict !

Alan Roura | Président
Georges Pop | Journaliste & secrétaire du Jury
Cyril Cornu | La Fabrique
Jean-Philippe Presl Wenger | Rédacteur en chef de la Région
Marc Attalah | Directeur de la Maison de l'Ailleurs à Yverdon
Aurélia Mouraud | Compagne et membre du team Roura


 In 2016 and 2017, the name of Champagne will echo round the world thanks to La Fabrique, the sailing boat of the young Swiss skipper Alan Roura which he has entered in the Vendée Globe, the most prestigious round-the-world, non-stop ocean race that is completed single-handed and without assistance. 

Indeed, on the boat’s large sail are proudly inscribed the words : My village is called Champagne, a Swiss village which is famous for its wines and its biscuits.


For this new Vendée Globe race, and to carry everywhere the name of the village, as well as its smile, La Fabrique is launching the campaign A Sailing boat for Champagne ! 

The whole world is invited to take part by making a paper or cardboard boat bearing the name of Champagne.

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Catégorie enfants

Les prix

1er prix : UAPE La Fontaine Magique à Puidoux – SUISSE | 1 maquette de voilier

2ème prix : Helène Schir – SUISSE | 1 maquette de voilier

3ème prix : Théodore Malkomes – Belgique | 1 maquette de voilier


Prizes in the adult category (12 years and older) 
• 1st prize : a stay of one week in the region of Champagne (Switzerland), for two people.
• 2nd prize : the winner’s weight in local products from the region of Champagne (Switzerland).
• 3rd to 12th prizes : a gold coin (a Swiss Vreneli) or equivalent value.
• 13th to 50th prizes : a La Fabrique-Champagne baker’s kit.

Prizes in the children’s category (under 12 years)
• 1st prize :
a wooden model   sailing boat, worth €200, to be self-assembled.
• 2nd prize : a wooden model sailing boat, worth €100, to be self-assembled.
• 3rd to 12th prizes : a wooden model sailing boat, worth €50, to be self-assembled.
• 13th to 50th prizes : a La Fabrique-Champagne baker’s kit.